Jun 2, 2013

POVs in House of Hades

Warning! Contains Mark of Athena spoilers!

 Hi there, demigods!

 The other day on Twitter, Rick Riordan wrote:
"RT: please tell me Nico gets a POV in The House of Hades./Already PLENTY of POVs, so no. But he has a big part."
 Well, I guess all of the Nico point of view theories have been debunked from that one simple tweet. Sorry, Nico lovers. 

 However, this did get me thinking. Who will the POVs be? I've already given you my opinion on who I want them to be, but who will they be? (My opinion is in this post)

 I think they'll be: 

  1. Annabeth
  2. Hazel
  3. Jason
  4. Frank
 Annabeth is one of the two in Tartarus, and RR has used Percy's POV for 7 books. I think that he might see it as Annabeth's time to shine. 

 Hazel, Jason, and Frank didn't have a POV in Mark of Athena, and I think it's as simple as that. Uncle Rick probably wants to split it up equally... at least I would, if I were in his position. It only makes sense that he would do that. 

 The people have to be one of the Seven, so the ones that I said make the most sense. (I could be wrong. That's always a possibility.) Also, the four I predicted balances out the number of guys and the number of girls.

 That was a pretty short, simple post, but I feel that I owe it to you. So... Happy birthday, even if it isn't your birthday. xD


  1. I think there'll be five POV's since he said "already PLENTY of POVs" and there were four in the last one, so five is one more POV that will make it seem like a lot of POVs. I think the first four will be those people, and the fifth will be Leo because in the book description it says "Leo wonders" so he must have a POV...

  2. Okay. Now let's look closer at that new book cover, shall we?
    So there’s Annabeth and Percy in, obviously, Tartarus. Annabeth is being supported by Perce and it looks like she’s falling. I believe she is unconscious, but hopefully alive. Percy’s face is just a mix of emotions. Now imagine Nico who was there by himself. Riptide is in sword form and they are obviously running from something. Now we look at the bottom and there is SPIDE SILK. So there Arachne chasing after them, Annabeth is probably unconscious and Percy is helping them run. They are also wearing same clothing.
    There’s lava, so something major battle will help them trying to escape. Both US and UK covers have lava. Probably lot of lava in Tartarus. Then there’s bat like things on the corner. I always thought they would be the Furies, but if I look at it closely, it looks like there’s more than three. So probably some more monsters.
    Then if you look at the rocks, it looks like there are faces there. Now it maybe just be me and my FMA-ness, but those are probably souls of human monsters or things that scream agony. Makes the trip in Tartarus look deadly and well mad. Crazy. Insane.
    The doors at the end are, most likely the Doors of Death. Percy’s eyes scare me. That must’ve been the look on Nico, just worse because he was by himself and he’s a bit weaker than Perce, and Nico was already had a mad look in his eye stated by Percy.
    Now to Rick’s tweets/questions/etc.
    Rick already stated Nico won’t have a POV, but will have a big part.
    He also stated there is only going to be five books in this series. I doubt all of this can be covered, but he is capable. But then Great Prophecies do take like a millennia years, so I’m thinking a major huge final books or another series, which I doubt.
    To the Prophecy:
    Seven half-bloods shall answer the call
    The seven half-bloods are, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Percy Jackson, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, and Annabeth Chase. Done.
    To storm or fire, the world must fall
    I believe this involves Percy, Jason, and Leo. Or one of the old titans or giants or Gods. But either way, the world must fall. And I belive that the world is referring to Gaea. So maybe the Gaea which is the world will fall. So basically the world will fall.
    An oath to keep with a final breath
    I think this refers to Nico’s promise. He promised to lead the others to the other side of the doors. I think to help Percy and Annabeth escape, he will sacrifice himself and well die. Then it will be the end of this book. This is what Rick meant about his big part.
    And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death
    I have no idea what this means.
    Apollo once said in The Last Olmypian that this prophecy might not happen in a lifetime. So I think that the second and last line might not happen now, but in the future, but I might be wrong.
    ‘It is very fitting that Gaea (the earth) is awakening and seven demigods must stop her, similar to how there are seven continents on earth after Pangaea (named after the Gaea).’
    I think that the seven will destroy Gaea like how the seven continents split and destroyed Pangaea.
    POVs. I believe will be Percy, Jason, Frank, and Hazel. As much as I would love a Nico, Leo, or Annabeth POV. I highly doubt the other two.
    There is a limited interior cover. It shows the Argo II and a sea monster. There is someone with an arrow and I presume it is either Thalia or Frank. There’s a brunette which is either Piper or Hazel, which makes frank more likely to be the archer. Then there’s someone with a purple shirt on the monster. It looks like a guy, holding up something, he’s also wearing purple. So I presume its Jason, who is signaling Frank to do something.
    I doubt any of the Prophecy Seven will die. I think Nico will die for sure. Also the prophecy will be a bit clearer. Gaea will awake. There are 608 page, making it about twenty pages longer than the Mark of Athena. I think some minor characters will appear and I think I read somewhere that Rick said that Calypso will appear.
    And that are my predictions. Sorry it’s too long.

    1. Annabeths POV will be in HoH. It was confirmed when RR read a sneak peek from the book.
      And foes bear arms to the doors of death.
      I have a feeling this means that some that's least likley to help them will. Such as a foe/enemy. Octavian, maybe. A foe will help assist them in closing the doors of death


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