Jan 20, 2013

Points of View

Warning! May contain Mark of Athena spoilers!

 A lot of the speculation that is made about future Heroes books is whose points of view will be used. Percy has narrated twice (not including all of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books), Piper twice, Leo twice, and Frank, Hazel, Annabeth, and Jason once each. Whose point of view do we really need to see? Whose are we probably going to see? Is Uncle Rick going to include three, four, or more in House of Hades? There are so many questions to be answered! I'm going to break this down character by character and give you my opinion and thoughts on each! Please remember that this is mostly my opinion, not yours or what is/will be in the books. We each have a right to our own opinion and ideas, so feel free to state yours in the comments! (I love comments. :3)

Piper & Leo- Piper and Leo are definitely two good, respectable characters. In fact, Leo is one of my favorite characters. However, I don't think their points of view should or will end up in The House of Hades. They were both narrators in MoA, and neither of their perspectives are specifically necessary. (More on that later) Besides, we don't need more of Piper drooling over Jason 23/7. :P (Notice I made that 23/7, not 24/7. She's not TOTALLY infatuated with him. Okay, okay, I'll stop now... A lot of people hate me for my opinion on her as it is. :P)

Frank & Hazel- I've heard from some of my friends that Frank and Hazel aren't relatable enough, and I get that; they're new, they're Roman, and they've only had one POV each. I personally love them! I find it easier to relate to them because they have back-stories that we know, and that helps us get inside of their heads and know what they're thinking. However, I really would have liked a Roman's opinion on what was going on in the Mark of Athena, but we didn't get that. :/ They're great characters, but they badly need to be narrators. I'm thinking that one of them may have a House of Hades POV. We'll see!

Percy & Annabeth- Ah, the couple hanging out in Tartarus. A Percy or Annabeth perspective would be really helpful. Rick has already promised that we will know what is going on with them, but will it be through a direct POV or through Piper's knife or another demigod's dreams. Annabeth's POV was interesting, since it was the first time we've had a story from her POV. (Since when did Nico have a crush on her? o.O) Her thoughts are most definitely intriguing, but I don't think I'd like a Percy POV. We've had his POV in 7 books. Don't you think it's time for a break? Hopefully we'll have Annabeth's point of view in HoH, but I doubt it's going to happen. We'll probably see Percy and Annabeth through dreams or Katropis.

Nico- Nico is one point of view that I feel may just show up. He's definitely going to be an important character. I'm not sure how, but he will be. I think he'll be the leader of the quest while P&A are in Tartarus.

Reyna & Octavian- I LOVE Reyna. She's another one of my favorite characters, and she's SO well-written, but I don't think she'll be much more than another minor character, and I find it very unlikely that she'll be a POV. Same for Octavian.

Jason- I chose to speak of Jason last and separately because I have so much to say about him. I want Jason's POV so badly, because we know pretty much zilch about him so far. He's the only main character that we don't know very well. I mean, we've had Percy narrating for 7 books. Leo, Piper, Frank, and Hazel all have pasts (well, Hazel has two...) that we've read about. I want a Jason POV in House of Hades. We need to know his thoughts. We need to know more about his past. We need heroic Jason, the cool dude who defeated a giant. We need creeper Jason, the person that likes to watch Piper breathe. And most of all, we need a reminiscing Jason, so we can know more about him and what makes him him. Think about it; if someone asked you what Percy would do in a situation, you'd answer ten times faster than you would if someone asked about what Jason would do in a situation. We don't know him that well. We just know that he's a leader and son of Zeus, but not much else. I want to learn more about him.

 Well, that's it! Let me know what you think. :)


  1. Hi yea, Rick In my opinion he is so to speak saving Jason's story for a future book in this series were he either spills the beans on a singular book or he will split it up with the rest of the series but their will be a point where other characters in the series will blossom so to speak but you just have to be patient ~Red


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