Jun 28, 2013

First Annual Character Awards Results, Part 6 - Final Part!

Warning! May contain Lost Hero spoilers!

Hermes: Hello everyone, and welcome back to the First Annual Character Awards!

Apollo: This will be our last segment of this show...

(Audience "aww"s and "boo"s, etc.)

Apollo: (clears throat and continues speaking over the noise) ... and we will be presenting the awards for Funniest god and Funniest Character!

(Audience continues booing)

Apollo: Oh, be quiet!

(Audience grows silent)

Hermes: Good. Now let's get on with this. Presenting the award for the funniest god is Thalia, the muse of comedy herself!

(Thalia enters)

Thalia: Hello! I am here to present the award for the god who is the most hilarious. And, just so you know, I'm not Thalia Grace. She's my sister, though. Anyway, the nominees are...


Thalia: And the winner is... Apollo!

(Audience cheers; Apollo holds arms up while nodding and smiling smugly)

Apollo: Thank you, thank you. It means a lot, really. Perhaps I should thank you with a haiku...

Everyone: NO!

Apollo: (looking disappointed) Why not? Okay... Well thanks anyway!

Hermes: Apollo, since you are the funniest god, why don't you present the award for the Funniest Character(s)?

Apollo: I'd be obliged. The nominees are...

Leo Valdez

Percy Jackson
Coach Gleeson Hedge
Grover Underwood

George and Martha
Connor and Travis Stoll
Apollo: The winner is... Leo Valdez, bad boy supreme!

Audience: LEO! LEO! LEO! LEO! LEO! LEO!

(Leo enters stage, gets award from Apollo)

Leo: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you all! I'm glad my corny jokes got me somewhere... So yeah! Thanks! TEAM LEO!

(Audience cheers, Leo exits)

Hermes: Well, that's all for this year!

Apollo: But don't worry; we'll be back next year!

Hermes: Until then... Watch out for those monsters! :)

(Fades to black, credits roll)


  • Hosts: Hermes & Apollo
  • Producers: Olympus TV, Hephaestus, ~Le Awesome Blogger(;~
  • Director: ~Le Awesome Blogger(;~
  • Winners: Leo Valdez, Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, Annabeth Chase, Apollo, Silena Beauregard, Arachne, Gaea and Her Children, Zoe Nightshade, Reyna
  • Special Guests: Shakira, Aphrodite, Athena, Thalia, The Three Fates, Charles Beckendorf
  • Thank you, viewer, for watching!!!!

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