Jul 9, 2013

Sea of Monsters movie news... and lots of it!

Warning! May contain Sea of Monsters spoilers.

 HELLO! If you have noticed my absence, I apologize greatly, for I have been busy-ish. Maybe you all have noticed that I do my best blogging late at night (AKA anytime in between 11PM-3AM), which seems to be a problem. Sometimes I'm unable to access my laptop at night, so it becomes problematic when that happens. No laptop = no posts! (Technically I could use the desktop computer, but I'm much more comfortable doing everything on my laptop.) Now, moving on...

 Meanwhile, there has been a lot of news associated with the Sea of Monsters movie, which is less than one month from being released in the US. There are quite a few items, so I'll try to round them all up in this post! Get ready for some AWESOMENESS!

  • The movie's running time is 107 minutes, as confirmed by the director, Thor Freudenthal.
  • There is an international trailer! Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ulE747QH_ew …
  • The producer of the movie, Michael Barnathan (who was also an executive producer for the first three Harry Potter films), confirmed via Twittter that Grover WILL appear in a white dress! :D
  • The slogan for the movies seems to be "In Demigods We Trust".
  • A series of character posters have been released, as well as several other promotional pictures. They can be viewed here. For even more pictures, look here. (Also like the Facebook page that posted the pictures. I love that page infinitely!)
  • There are weekly fan art contests on the official movie Tumblr page! Check it out here.
  • The movie people started this really amazing branch of their website, called the Half-Blood Network. It's really entertaining to look through, and it even determines your godly parent when you enter! (I got Athena -- Not a surprise, really.) Also, there's a little reference to Annabeth calling Percy "Seaweed Brain"... :) Check it out!
 I believe that is it for now... I will keep you informed if anything else pops up. Also, make sure you follow the official Facebook page, Twitter, and Tumblr... then you might not need me! :o

Have a great, monster-free day, demigods! :)

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