Mar 30, 2013

Sea of Monsters Trailer Analysis

Warning! May contain Sea of Monsters spoilers!

 I am super excited! The Sea of Monsters trailer was released yesterday in the previews before The Host film. If you missed my post on that, I suggest you go back and look for it! But, if you're too lazy for that, you can just click here to watch it. (Yes, the person recording it was a total fangirl. That only makes it better ;))

 Trailer Summary: Percy voice over about being a half-blood and having a safe-haven until the borders were poisoned. Shots of ocean, Percy, blonde Annabeth, Tyson, Grover, Camp Half-Blood, Dionysus, etc. People wondering what happened to the camp borders. Talk about how Kronos is fated to rise again, and it shows the coffin-thingy where Kronos is rising from glowing. More about the borders, and someone says that they need the Golden Fleece to save the camp. They talk about how the Sea of Monsters is where the Fleece is, and how it's known as the Bermuda Triangle to mortals. Dionysus gives the quest to Clarisse. Percy and Annabeth knocking on Grover's cabin door and saying that they're going after the fleece. Dramatic music. Annabeth hailing the Chariot of Damnation and the Gray Sisters with their craziness. Tyson being cute. LUKE talking about resurrecting Kronos. Percy & co. asking Hermes for help. Hermes gives them the thermos, and Annabeth tries to twist the cap off. Hermes screams, "WHOA WHOA WHOA, not in here. Not in here." Percy summons hippocampi. Shot of Tyson and Rainbow (or at least that's who I'm presuming it is). Battle scenes. Bronze bulls. Lifeboat with Annabeth, Percy, and Tyson in the middle of the ocean being surrounded by sharks. "Tell me those aren't sharks," Annabeth says. Percy replies, "Those aren't sharks." Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters logo flashes on screen. Trailer ends.

 Now, it's time for my analysis!

 Oh my goodness, I am so excited about this movie. From the trailer, it looks so much better and closer to the book than the first was. To me, the second movie honestly didn't feel like it was ever going to happen until I saw this trailer.  But now that I've seen it, EPICNESS!! I'm trying not to set my expectations too high, considering the first movie, but this looks way better and way more accurate.

 My first thought when I saw it was, "WHOA! The plot actually sounds... like the book!" Then I noticed Grover's presence. He obviously isn't kidnapped. In my opinion, that makes Percy and Annabeth look like attention seekers for wanting to find the fleece instead of Clarisse! Well, maybe there will be some alternate motive, but I don't know about that. And the part where the boat is surrounded by sharks... Grover isn't there! Maybe something happens to him WHILE they're on the quest. :o

 Let's talk positive things, shall we? bo;waejksfthioabyvhubia DIONYSUS AND CLARISSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND TYSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I loved Percy's sarcastic line to Clarisse. I feel like Percy's humor was one thing that was cut out of the first movie, and of course that was a HUGE thing in the books. But I loved how they included Rainbow. And now they're bring Kronos into the picture! This is so amazing! I'm really glad that the movie makers took a hint and did a little bit of fanservice (AKA actually following the book). :) There actually isn't much to analyze... But I'm super excited now!

 So yeah... that's it! Oh, and one more thing...

 Pray for an appearance of Guinea Pig Percy.


  1. i wish poeple will stop having a go at filmakers because they don't make a film exact to the book. i personally don't give two hoots about if they didn't follow the book. i watched the film first and thought it was one of the best movies i had ever seen, i then read the whole book series and thought they were amazing. if they had never made the film then i probably would have never heard of, let alone read the series.
    i am a bit sad that i now know what will happen in the second film and have nothing to be surprised about.
    it looks as though Grover is kidnapped in the second film and they go out to find him, you can see that perfectly clearly from the trailer.
    don't hate the movie for not wanting to be boring and predictable, as long as it has an exciting story i don't really care how they follow the book

    1. I'm very happy to see someone actually say this. People are already looking a the Sea of Monsters trailer and nitpicking at the small differences. Movies are supposed to be cinematic and exciting, and not exact replicas of books. However, I wasn't a fan of how they changed everything and still called it "The Lightning Thief". I went to the theater to see the adventure that Percy went on in the book, with a few minor changes. I didn't go there to see... that. I think that book-to-movie adaptations are best when they follow the book's plot and add in or take out little scenes that wouldn't be detrimental to the plot. I know that everyone uses it as an example, but look at Harry Potter. They made a bunch of little changes but the HP fandom as a whole was rather pleased with the outcome of the entire series. Now, if there were a movie or TV show simply called "Percy Jackson" or "The Adventures of Percy Jackson" that wasn't following the book, I'd be perfectly fine with that, as long as they got the characterization and setting right. You know, kind of like the BBC miniseries Sherlock. The main characters, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, solve mysteries that were in the original books, but twisted and modernized. The titles of the episodes are altered versions of the original book/story titles, and the characters still act like themselves. If something like that happened with Percy Jackson, I'd be perfectly okay with it. The thing that infuriated me about "The Lightning Thief" was the fact that it was supposed to be representative of the actual events in the book. If they wanted to change it like they did, they should have called it something else.


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