Mar 8, 2013

Graphic Novels

   I've been wanting to talk about the graphic novels for a while. In case you don't know, there are currently two Percy Jackson and the Olympians graphic novels, and one Kane Chronicles graphic novel. They're based heavily upon the actual books and there are very few changes to any events or characters throughout the novels. There's about a year's work for each graphic novel. 

   Personally, I don't bother reading the graphic novels. They're not really my style. The illustrations are remarkable, but they're definitely not how I envisioned the characters and setting. Plus, any kind of graphic novel or comic book typeset really bothers me for some odd, unknown reason.

 Despite my dislike of actually reading graphic novels, I really love the idea of them. It expands the wonderful worlds that Rick Riordan and the ancient Greeks have created to audiences that would have probably never, ever picked up a Percy Jackson chapter book in a million years, and I think that's fabulous. There will always be people who prefer pictures to words, or action unfolding before their eyes instead of inside their imaginations. Everyone is different in that way. Perhaps reading the graphic novel draws people toward the books, as well.

 The graphic novels could also be read by fans of the Percy Jackson chapter books, but I think that would be kind of boring because we already know what happens, and half of the awesomeness is Percy's narrating, right? I have a lot of friends who love the books, but they really don't care about the graphic novels. They'll say, "Why would I read that if I've already read the book?" or "What's the point of that?" and that is totally understandable. I guess it's not their cup of tea either!

 In conclusion, the graphic novels are a great concept, but not nearly as popular as the books or the movie, as far as I've noticed. And by the way, the Titan's Curse graphic novel is due out on October 8th, the same day as the House of Hades! :) 

Happy reading, demigods!

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