May 15, 2013

First Character Awards Result Show, Part 3

Warning! Contains Mark of Athena spoilers!

(Character Awards theme music plays)

Hermes: Good evening everyone! And welcome back to the First Annual Character Awards!

Apollo: We'd like to do a little quick series of awarding, because we have a small time-frame and a lot of awards to give. Please hold your applause until the end. Here we go.

Hermes: The nominees for "The Complete BOSS" are: Thalia Grace, Nico Di Angelo, Perseus Jackson, Clarisse La Rue, Reyna, Grover Underwood, and Leo Valdez. The award goes to Percy Jackson, who will receive all of his awards at once, later in the show.
Percy, Annabeth, and Grover

Reyna and Leo
Apollo: The next award is "Most Relatable Character". The nominees for that are Thalia Grace, Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Luke Castellan, and Silena Beauregard. The winner of that is Annabeth Chase, who will also appear later in the show.
Annabeth, Luke, and Thalia
Percy and Rachel

Silena Beauregard
Hermes: The last award in this rapid-fire round is "Scariest Recurring Villain". The only nominees for that were Gaea and her children, Luke as Kronos, and Luke as himself, with the winner being Gaea and her children.

Luke as himself
Luke as Kronos
Gaea and her children
Apollo: Congratulations to all the winners! Well, except for Gaea, 'cause you're kinda creepy. Actually, I have a little poem for the winners...

Hermes: NO! (catches himself and pauses) I mean, uh, that wouldn't be necessary. Good job to all of the winners!

(Audience applauds)

Hermes: Moving on...

Apollo: I'm hurt, brother.

Hermes: (sympathetically, as he pats Apollo on shoulder) You'll get over it. It will be okay.

Apollo: Okay. As I was about to say, the next winner to be revealed is "Favorite Non-Canon Ship"!

Hermes: Apollo, would you like to explain to our viewers what a "ship" is?

Apollo: Of course. A ship is either two characters who are together/should be together according to some people, or just a big boat.

Hermes: And "non-canon" simply means that it's not happening. (whispers) Yet!

Apollo: (laughs) The nominees are... Perachel (Percy + Rachel), Leyna (Leo + Reyna), Lukabeth (Luke + Annabeth), Jeyna (Jason + Reyna), and Lazel (Leo + Hazel).

Apollo: AND... The winner is... LEYNA!

Reyna and Leo
(A thunder of applause erupts from the audience as Leo and Reyna get up from their seats. They are both confused and embarrassed, and it shows on their faces.)

Hermes: (handing them each awards) Congrats!

Leo: (cheerfully takes award) Thanks, dude! I mean, um, sir. (Under his breath) Score!

Reyna: (while gracefully accepting award) Thank you, everyone. While I am honored to win an award, I would like to make it clear that this is never going to happen.

Audience: BOOOOOO!

Reyna: (rolls eyes) Please, think about this.

(Leo's face falls.)

Leo: That's what you think now... I can change your mind.

Audience: Ooooo!

Reyna: (to Apollo and Hermes) Thank you, sirs. (She disregards the Audience as she returns to her seat)

Leo: Yours in demigodishness and all that! (Holds up peace sign) Peace out!

(Audience applauds crazily)

Hermes: We'll be right back with your pick for Coolest Child of the Big Three after these messages!

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Be on the lookout for Part 4 on Saturday!

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