May 20, 2013

First Annual Character Awards Result Show, Part 4

Warning! Contains Mark of Athena spoilers!

(Character Awards theme music plays)

Apollo: And we're back! With us we have the Three Fates, presenting the award for... hmm, how appropriate... Most Heartbreaking Death!

(Three Fates enter stage)

Lachesis: Hello.

Clotho: We are here to present the award for the Most Heartbreaking Death.

Atropos: Which is most definitely our area.

Clotho: Our area? You mean your area!

Atropos: Don't look at me! Lachesis is the one who measures the strings!

Lachesis: Me? You're the one who breaks everyone's hearts! You pick the manner in which they die!

Hermes: Ladies.

Clotho: Oh. We apologize.

Lachesis: The nominees are...
Luke Castellan, who nobly sacrificed himself to defeat the Titan Kronos
Zoe Nightshade, who was poisoned by the dragon Ladon and fell in battle against her father, Atlas
Silena Beauregard, who perished after battling a drakon during the Battle of Manhattan
Charles Beckendorf, who was killed in the explosion of the Princess Andromeda
Bianca di Angelo, who died whilst attempting to shut off a prototype of Talos from the inside
Festus the automaton, who died after carrying Jason, Leo, and Piper through a blizzard, but was later "resurrected" by Leo Valdez for usage on the Argo II.
Atropos: Now, you can't blame me for that last one. That was all Khione. 

Clotho: (ignoring her) The winner is... Zoe Nightshade!

(Audience claps half-heartedly, trying to hold back tears in their eyes. Zoe appears on the background screen, appearing live from Elysium)

Zoe: I am not quite sure how to react to this. I had lived on the earth for thousands of years, and it was my time to pass. It pleases me to know that I have served my Lady Artemis well. You should not feel sorrow over my death, for I knew it would come to pass eventually. However, it is a great honor to be so well-liked that my death would be considered heart-breaking. I thank thee very greatly.

(Zoe's face disappears from screen and Fates exit)

Hermes: That was truly touching.

Apollo: I'm sure my sister would agree that her legacy will live on forever.

Hermes: It is true. 

Apollo: While you all dry your tears, we will take a short commercial break. I  will be backstage writing a poem about this heart-wrenching experience. (sniffles)

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