May 9, 2013

First Character Awards Result Show, Part 1

Warning! Contains Mark of Athena spoilers!

Apollo: Welcome, welcome! Thank you everyone for attending the First Annual Character Awards, sponsored by and Survey Monkey!

Hermes: We're here, broadcasting live from Mount Olympus. Tonight we'll treat you to special appearances from the several gods and goddesses, the Three Fates, and SHAKIRA! And, of course, we will be revealing the winners of the coveted Character Awards!

Apollo: In attendance we have all of your favorite gods, monsters (who aren't in Tartarus), mythical creatures, and demigods. The winners who are not here to receive their award for whatever reason will get their award via Hermes Express Mail! (chuckles lightly)

Hermes: (sarcastically) Oh, joy. Anyway, let's begin.

Apollo: No! Hold on. It's only appropriate that we begin this legendary event with a haiku.

(Audience groans)

Apollo: (clears throat)
Live from Olympus, 
Apollo and Hermes host,
We've got some cool stuff.
Hermes:  (slowly) Okayyyy then... (returns to normal) First category!

Apollo: Presenting the award for Scariest Minor Villain/Antagonist is Athena, the wisdom goddess herself!

(Athena enters)

Athena: Hello all. This category is not really an award. It is more of a warning to you. Mortals, stay far away. Gods and demigods, do your best to fight it, him, or her, and save the mortals from distress. The nominees are...


King Minos
Athena: And the winner is... (pauses and opens envelope) Arachne!

Hermes: Live from Tartarus is our very own Arachne, mother of all spiders!

(Live video feed of Arachne plays on screen in background)

Arachne: (cackles) I have fulfilled my duty. MWAHAHAHA! Stay away from me, wretched children of Athena! Don't worry (mockingly) almighty creator of the loom, I will get you back someday!

Athena: (snorts) Good luck with that. 

(Live video feed cuts out, and Athena exits)

Apollo: Well, that was certainly... interesting. On to our next category!

Hermes: The next category is the category that honors the most beloved Roman demigod. The nominees were originally Reyna, Octavian, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, Jason Grace, Julia, and Dakota. However, there was a three way tie, and the nominees were narrowed down to those three for additional voting. The no longer tied nominees are...

Frank Zhang
Hazel Levesque
Apollo: The winner of the "Favorite Roman" award is...

Hermes: (cutting Apollo off) Going to be revealed, after the break!

(Audience boos)

(Cuts to commercial)

Background commercial voice: Buy Medea's SPF 5000 Sunscreen! It's the only thing that will make sure that you don't get burned to a crisp by ferocious Colchis Bulls! Call 1-800-SPF-5000 today!

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!


  1. Awesome! :) Way to stick to character and all of that. :D

  2. Awesome! Can't wait for the next part!

  3. Who are you?! Rick Eiordan?! Why you keep us waiting?!

  4. Part 2 is up if you're looking for it! I love you all and I'm so glad that you like it. :) <3 I also apologize for the wait, though. I've been very busy lately and it really hurts to make you wait...


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