Jan 19, 2013

Achievements & Books-A-Million

 Guess what, guys? I've gotten nearly 12.5K total views on my blog! That's HUGE, even if 2K of those are probably me! Thank you SO MUCH to anyone reading this! I remember having like, 20 total views, and all of them were me. THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG AND HAVE A NICE DAY!

 I also have a little anecdote to tell you. I was at a mall that I don't usually go to tonight. I walked into Books-A-Million and started to squeal, jump up and down, and point at their copies of The Mark of Athena like a crazy person. Hey, I probably looked like a weirdo, but it was fun. :) I was in paradise there. I was like, "I'VE READ THAT BOOK! _________'S READ THAT BOOK! CASSJAYTUCK'S READ THAT BOOK! I'VE READ THAT BOOK, TOO!" And when I went to their Intermediate Readers and Teen sections....ooooooh my gosh. It was beautiful. I was gushing. And guys--HARRY POTTER MANIA. There was also a book called "Fifty Shades of Chicken". I laughed. xD I also fangirled at the Rick Riordan shelf. Ah, pure beauty.

 Well, that's pretty much it! Oh, and if you haven't already, go take a look at percyjacksonforlife.blogspot.com. It's a really awesome, thought-provoking blog. Bye!

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