Jan 31, 2013

Percy/Carter Crossover Story!!

 I have some awesome news for you!
 But, before I tell you, another blog, percyjacksonforlife.blogspot.com, has a fan-fiction contest going on, and the owner of the blog asked me to share it with you. It sounds really cool, so I'd encourage you to go enter! You can find some more details about that here.

 Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I have to share the news with you.

You know how Uncle Rick said that he might write a Heroes/Kane crossover one day? Well, THAT DAY HAS COME!!!! It's not a full book, but it's a short story called Son of Sobek. It will be released on May 7th in the paperback version of the Serpent's Shadow. There will also be an e-book version available. It will be an e-book single, and also available in audiobook (narrated by Rick Riordan himself!) format, and priced accordingly. It's is about 40 printed pages long. p 

 For now, all we can do is wait... AND READ THE EXCERPT ON THE KANE CHRONICLES FACEBOOK PAGE! (Right here

 Carter is the narrator. It's so perfect that I was close to tears! Oh, and there's also a cool article that Rick re-tweeted that talks about it. You can read that right here! :) At least we have something to hold us over until the House of Hades comes out. :)
 Well, that's all for now! ENJOY THE EXCERPT, DEMI-MAGICIANS! :D

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