Aug 30, 2012

New Characters!

Warning! Contains Mark of Athena character reveal spoilers!

New character art has been revealed! The first official reveal was, of course, Coach Hedge. Followed by the coach was Nemesis, the goddess of revenge.

And... our newest official reveal... BACCHUS!

Here is his "official" description:


Also known as Dionysus in Greek form, Bacchus is the ultimate party god.  Righteous. 
What does HE do? Aside from drinking way too much diet soda?   It depends on his motivation, which is often lacking.  Have you seen the potbelly on this guy?
Noteworthy: He might be a party monster, but don’t count Bacchus out.  He might come in handy for the demigods down the line…
And... spoiler time!

LEAKED PHOTOS LIE IN THE LINKS. I'd post them, but I don't want to get in trouble with the copyright police...

ENJOY! And only 33 days until Mark of Athena!

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