Aug 23, 2012

New Character Art Reveal!

Warning! May contain Battle of the Labyrinth spoilers!

Today we have a new character art! It's Ethan's mom, Nemesis. :D

She's a little creepy, dontcha think? Here's a little about her from Myth & Mystery (RR's blog):


Also known as the goddess of revenge.   This is one lady you do NOT want to run into in a dark alley (or anywhere else, for that matter).
What does SHE do?  This woman can shape-shift into any imposing figure you can imagine, if you’re her target.  Which you don’t want to be.  Ever.

Noteworthy: Imposing as she is, Nemesis can be bargained with, as demigod Leo will learn…but at what cost?

Awesome, huh? Only 40 days until Mark of Athena!!! 

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