Aug 1, 2012

MoA Cover Analysis

Warning! May contain Lost Hero and Son of Neptune spoilers!

Hey demigods! ;) I know I kinda seemed grumpy in the UK cover post, but it was so hot and I was so tired! Blame global warming. (IT'S REAL!) But anywho, I said that there might be a post analyzing both covers. So here it is!

This is the American cover. Obviously, Jason and Percy are fighting. Yeah, I know, I'm a master of stating the obvious. Why could they be fighting? Let's take a closer look at this... literally!

My observations/ideas about this particular close-up:
  • There is a 99.9999999999999999% that this is Percy. He has black hair and he's manipulating water. So I'm gonna call this guy Percy. ;)
  • He's wearing an orange shirt, so we can assume that 1. his Camp Jupiter t-shirt got destroyed and he had to change back into his old orange shirt, or 2. he's showing his loyalty to the Greeks and Camp Half-Blood.
  • He's on a winged horse. Could it be his old buddy, Blackjack? Maybe Blackjack is on the Argo II!
  • He looks angry.

My observations/ideas about this particular close-up:
  • This guy is blonde and using storm powers. I'm guessing he's Jason.
  • He's wearing a purple shirt, which probably means he's loyal to Camp Jupiter and the Roman ways.
  • He is also on a horse, but I don't see any wings on it. I'm thinking that this is might be the venti horse that we met in the Lost Hero.
  • He doesn't look to pleased.

Now, let's talk about the overall fight between Jason and Percy. Here are some ideas about why they could be fighting:
  • They're fighting over who gets to be Praetor.
  • They're fighting over who gets to lead the quest.
  • They're fighting over something that happened on the quest to Greece. Maybe something happened to someone, and they blamed it on each other.
  • They're fighting over a decision to be made on the quest.
  • They're fighting over who the seventh half-blood could be: A Greek or a Roman.
  • Octavian started it.

Here we have the creepy-ish owl eyes. Personally, I think it symbolizes Athena watching the battle. Wait... maybe Athena started the battle. Maybe the battle is about Annabeth! Maybe she went missing! Maybe she's causing trouble and Percy's defending her! Maybe Athena's messing with everyone! Maybe...! I'm going to stop now.

Le United Kingdom cover. (sorry about the little bar on the bottom.)

Here we have a fight between Jason (we think) and Percy (again, we think). (Hey look it's Festus!) We already went through the reasons for fighting and everything. But this fight looks completely different! Maybe it's a different one. Oh, my... I hope they don't make a habit of this.

This particular anonymous comment on another post caught my attention:
This is interesting. When I look at this UK cover I see more of a friendly, training, keep-in-shape fight. Then again when I look at USA cover I see full out battle. I see a huge fight to the death. Nothing friendly, just full out war. Am I wrong?
No, anonymous commenter. I don't think you are wrong. I think you are right. 100% right. Something about this doesn't seem right. Then again, I could be wrong...

But, in the ultimate scheme of things, we must wait. Wait, wait, wait. Patience is key. October 2nd, here we come.

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  1. i can not freakin wait i think annabeth dissapears i think they are blaming eachother or probably even themselves thet kinda sounds reasonable but why would rick riorden repeat the same story from the titans curse annabeth dissapearing and all idk
    cant wait


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