Aug 18, 2012



How have you celebrated Percy's birthday? I celebrated by wearing my Camp Jupiter shirt that I made earlier this week and making blue French toast!

As you can see, the shirt isn't perfect, but it was a first attempt. The blue French toast was okay, but I liked the regular French toast more. I think the food coloring gave the eggs a different texture. Or maybe it was because I forgot to put butter on the blue slice...

Emily V. celebrated by drawing a blue trident on her wrist and wearing her Camp Half-Blood necklace that her friend made for her. :)

Drew B. also drew a trident on her wrist (did I miss something?). She went to Chapters for an hour to read her favorite parts of the Percy Jackson books, and made a blue cake with blue icing! :)

And... a new character art has been released!

Yup, that's good old Coach Hedge! (uh..sorry, Coach.. make that just "good Coach Hedge") I find this picture hilarious. xD There's going to be a new character art every week until September 20th. :)

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