Oct 9, 2013

New Character Art & My Policy on Spoilers

 Hey there, half-bloods! :)

 HOUSE OF HADES CAME OUT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Before I jump into the topic of the character art we've been shown, I'd like to address the matter of spoilers. I may make some posts that spoil some things, but I will definitely post a warning at the beginning of the post in that case. If I make a post with spoilers in it, you may comment spoilers as well, as long as they're nothing past the chapters I am speaking of. For example, if I say a post has House of Hades spoilers up to Chapter 32 (XXXII), you can comment about anything UP TO, but not BEYOND, that point. You could comment about Chapter 20, or Chapter 18, or Chapter 32, just not anything 33 or above. Does that make sense? It is just a courtesy to both me and other readers of this blog, because I don't want to be spoiled either. And PLEASE, do not let me spoil you! Enjoy the book, and be surprised! :D

 Now, to the main topic. I never got a chance to post the new official character art before the book came out, so I'll post it now. :)

I'd have to say Nyx is my favorite. Gotta go read now. ;D bye! :)

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