Oct 3, 2013

...I'm on Yahoo Answers?!

  I was just casually looking through my blog's statistics when I noticed a few links that people discovered my blog through. Usually, I don't click the links because a lot of them lead to malicious websites for whatever reason. (I'm not sure why. I also get a lot of strange spam comments.)

 One of them was a Yahoo Answers link. I'm familiar with Yahoo Answers, and I know that it's not a dangerous website, so I decided to click the link. Then I found this.

 Umm... Whoa? I had no idea that people actually, like... referred to my website like that. Umm. Yeah. I was kind of taken aback. THIS IS SO COOL! (I mean, sure, the asker thought I wasn't reliable, but I guess I'm sort of not too reliable from an objective standpoint...)

 So yeah, that's my exciting story. I will keep giving you daily updates and posts leading up to the House of Hades release day. :)

 As far as the wait goes...

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