Feb 28, 2013

Kane Chronicles/Heroes of Olympus Fanfiction by Me! (Chapter Two)

Warning! May contain Kane Chronicles spoilers!

Chapter 2

“CARTER! COME HERE!” I hollered from the top of the stairs.

I placed my hand on my hip and tapped my foot on the ground impatiently. A minute later, Carter was standing by my side dressed in his blue and white striped bathrobe and Khufu (monkey, not Pharaoh) slippers.

“What do you want?” he groaned.

“Donkey boy. Turkey pony. My room. Now.”

I turned and strode off. Carter wore a look of confusion. He scratched his head and followed me down the hall. “This’d better not be one of your stupid pranks again, Sadie.” I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

As Carter walked into my room, his mouth fell open.

“Um… Hi?” Grover said.

Carter waved, still slow and dumbfounded. “F-F-F-Flying horse?”

“Oh, it gets better,” I said. “I see you found some pants, donkey boy.”

“Goat,” corrected Grover.


Carter plopped down on my bed, his face filled with disbelief. “I knew I saw that!” he muttered to himself. “I saw that flying horse. But nobody would believe me.”

“Well, I believe you now. Happy?” I said sarcastically. I turned to Grover. “Tell us your story, Mr. Goat.”

“I came here for a reason,” he said. “I was looking for someone. Someone special. And also a friend of mine.”

“What exactly do you mean by special?” said Carter. I was surprised to hear him speak. “Like, a girlfriend? And who’s your friend?”

I could have sworn I saw Grover blush. “Not a girlfriend… and nobody in particular. Well, actually, yes, someone in particular. I just don’t know who it is yet. And my friend’s name is Percy Jackson. Do you know him?”

The pegasus whinnied at the sound of Percy Jackson’s name.

“Sorry, that doesn’t ring a bell,” Carter replied. “But what do you mean by ‘special’? I still don’t get what you mean.”

Grover thought for a moment. Then he leaned in toward us. “I’m searching for people. People with special powers,” he confided.

My heart skipped a beat when he mentioned “people with special powers”. Who did I let into my house? Was this guy some sort of magician hunter? What had I done?

He leaned in closer, and I began to tremble. “These people,” he continued, “are called

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