Oct 3, 2012

My Mark of Athena Reactions/Rant So Far

Warning! Includes Mark of Athena spoilers! This goes up to pg 137 (The middle of Chapter XI). Please no spoilers that go any farther than that in the comments! 

Rick Riordan is out to destroy me.

Let's start from the beginning:
Terminus and his antics... Expected. But after that... the Percabeth Reunion. GAHHHHHHHHHH! So cute! They kiss, then Annabeth JUDO FLIPS PERCY! OMG! I love her for that. :') And then Jason is all like, "Uh... she doesn't usually Judo flip people..." and Annabeth is like, "Only my boyfriend!" SO CUTE.

I loved the talk between Annabeth and Reyna. I think they'd be really good friends if they didn't have the camp issues separating them. Words just can't describe how I felt about two of my favorite characters finally talking to each other...

Oh, and about Reyna... I have so much respect for her. I love her character. She's civilized and in control. My heart just broke for her when she realized that Jason was dating Piper. </3 Jason is so oblivious! Ugh! Typical male. :P

Now, Leo. Leo was possessed by one of those evil spirits whose names are escaping me. That scene made me upset and I just wanted to cry! My poor Leo <3 I feel soooo bad for him. Everyone is pairing off into couples (Percy and Annabeth, Frank and Hazel, and Piper and Jason) and he's just... there. No one appreciates him :'( And I'm just yelling at the book, "LEO! I'M HERE! I CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Nemesis scene was interesting. Interestingly enough, although she was a little mean, I liked her character. What she had to say was confusing, yet interesting. Wow, I just said interesting 3 times in a paragraph...

Narcissus and Echo scene: LOL. That's all I have to say.

Piper's blade visions: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Bacchaus scene: Ok, Percy mouthing off this guy made me laugh, for real.

Jason/Percy Fight Scene: WHOA. This is the part where the feels got to me. They can't fight! They're bros!! Those stupid spirits! But when they got back... now that part was hilarious. "If there was an ocean in Kansas..." and then Annabeth, "I'm sure you'd both be great at killing each other..."

I'm sorry for writing briefly about the parts, but so many thoughts run through my head while I'm reading a book. If I wrote down EVERYTHING that I was thinking, then it would make a book twice as thick as MoA! xD So if you have anything PARTICULAR that you want me to discuss, leave a comment with the page number and/or chapter and/or a really detailed description, because otherwise I'll just be doing certain things. Don't be shy! I love getting comments on here! :)

Happy Reading!


  1. I've finished it already and my fellow demigod bring out the tissues and the blue cookies cause your going to need them at the end.

    1. I know what feel, brah! When I finished it I was curled up in a ball in my room reading it at like 3am and just crying my eyes out.

  2. So mad, why rick, why?????????? And leo's a boss just throwin him a bone.

  3. I have much to say. First off, Rick Riordan is a sick, twisted guy and a total genius. Next, as a total Percabeth shipper, that scene in the stables was so cute!! Third, as any Percabeth shipper, I hate Hera with every fiber of my being for taking Percy away from Annabeth. Fourth, anyone else think Coach Hedge is hilarious? Fifth, this book shattered my emotions into a million pieces, especially at the end. Lastly, I wanna be a demigod!

  4. so i have read the book and its freakingly awesome,i jus wanted to know whether i you think jason and percy are kinda equal in power seeing they both contributed the same amount of help in the journey. also i feel like leo is my best character so if you could possibly share your views on him and who you think hazel would rather pick

    1. I posted my response in a blog post :) http://percyjacksonfandom.blogspot.com/2012/11/long-time-no-see-response-to-comment.html


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