Jun 14, 2012


So..................... Hi.

I'm really confused right now. So, the original date for Sea of Monsters (the movie) was March 26, right? And then I heard it got moved to March 15? Well, the latest date I'm hearing is August 16. AUGUST 16TH?!?!? Are they CRAZY!?! What's their problem? Can't they just make up their minds?

But still, I have no idea whether or not any of these dates are correct. For all I know, they could be complete rumors. Who knows?


  1. It's true. I heard it's because they want more time to film the movie so maybe it will be even better than it was originally.

  2. Well, i dont really like the movies, the first movie was terrible. But is they can somehow manage to make this movie good(esp bcuz Clarisse wasnt in the 1st movie) I can wait as long as they are going to make it GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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