Apr 27, 2012

Sea of Monsters Set Pictures

Warning! May contain Sea of Monsters spoilers!

Hi guys! I'd like to share some pictures I found from the set of The Sea Of Monsters!! :) It's being filmed in Vancouver, Canada and the pictures were taken on April 19th. Enjoy!

Oh my gosh! Look at his face xD Poor Logan.... (source: Just Jared)

Leven Rambin (Clarisse) and the set dog (source: twitter.com/aadaddario)
There's everyone's favorite satyr!(Grover, played by Brandon T. Jackson) (source: Just Jared)

LOL love this shirt!
(source: twitter.com/aadaddario)

Annabeth! (Alexandra Daddario) BLONDE!!!! :D (source: Just Jared)
Yayyyy PERCY! (Logan Lerman) With that face again! hahahahahaha (source: Just Jared)
So this is the picture I'm confused about. Why is Grover there? He's not supposed to be there until it gets toward the end. Maybe this could be when they come back from the quest? Like, when they're in Florida? But then Clarisse would be there! Or it could be after Clarisse leaves. RIGHT after Clarisse leaves. The other possibility is that instead of looking for Grover AND the Fleece, they're just looking for the Fleece. After all, Grover wasn't trying to get a searcher's license in the first one. He was trying to get his horns. There was no mention of the search for Pan. (source: Just Jared)

A chair from the set (source: facebook.com/foreverPJ)
What could Percy be pointing at? Hmmm...... perhaps Clarisse's plane? (I'm just being hopeful here, ok? Haha) (source: Just Jared)
They have coffee :D (source: Just Jared)
(source: Just Jared) 
(source: Just Jared)
Where are they, why is Grover there, and what part of the movie is this? That's what I'm trying to figure out!!! UGH (source: Just Jared)
(source: Just Jared)
(source: Just Jared)
Tyson's hair is kind of bothering me. And I don't think he has one eye here because of one of two possibilities: One being that he's in the mortal world and the mist is hiding it, or two--This is just a picture from the set. He doesn't actually have one eye! (source: Just Jared)

So that's it for the pictures. I'm really looking forward to the movie, even though the first one was a failure. I have hope that they will find a way to correct at least some of their mistakes.

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