Mar 10, 2012

Some Fan Fic by Yours Truly :')

This is my first full attempt at PJO Fanfic. Lemme know if you like :)

Well, Tyson was VERY unhappy.

Earlier in the day, Poseidon had personally thanked his son for leading the Cyclopes into an epic battle by granting Tyson his favorite thing in the world...

A 3-ton jar of Skippy.

Now that Tyson was back in Poseidon's domain, AKA the ocean, he couldn't open his beloved jar of peanut butter without it getting horribly soggy. And THAT was his reason for unhappiness.

Well, Poseidon heard of Tyson's little dilemma. So, he did the fatherly thing and took matters into his own hands. He immediately ordered a giant plastic dome and an oxygen tank from the Amazons. Reliable service, those Amazons are. Free two day shipping on his order, too!

Two days later, the Amazons delivered Poseidon's order. He put the dome over the ginormous Skippy jar. The merfolk began pumping the oxygen into the dome right away. Soon enough, Tyson had a place to enjoy his non-soggy peanut butter. And that really made the big guy's day.

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  1. I love it! It's funny and a cute idea :)


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