Mar 10, 2012

Ask The Admin! (From Facebook)

 I was requested to answer these on the Facebook page.

1. Which PJO book is your favorite? Probably the Last Olympian. It's a really epic, strong ending.
2. Which PJO Character is your favorite? ANNABETH! And Leo, too :) but he's HOO.
3. What is your favorite color? Pink!
4. What do you like to do in your spare time? This... haha. And read and watch movies and play Fruit Ninja on my Kindle Fire.
5. Who is your favorite actor/actress? Hmm... I like Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, and Emma Roberts.
6. What other books besides PJO do you like? HOO, Kane Chronicles, Nancy Drew, Lily B. on the Brink of Cool, the Hunger Games, the 39 Clues, Harry Potter, A Crooked Kind of Perfect, and many, many, MANY more.
7. Which cabin would you be in and why? Probably Athena, because I'd like to think I know as much as Annabeth, but I probably don't.... Also Apollo, because I'm really into music and the arts. Plus, I shot a bullseye in archery once. :D
8. What is your favorite and least favorite food? Hmm, well I do enjoy pizza A LOT and I LOVE blueberry muffins. BUT I despise green peppers (or any peppers, for that matter) and (gasp) peanut butter.
9. Girls Only: Would you be a Hunter of Artemis? YES, YES, AND A MILLION TIMES YES!
10. Who is your least favorite god? Wellllll probably Ares because war is stupid.
11. Roman Camp or Greek Camp? Greek Camp, all the way!!
12. Who would be your companions on a quest? Well, of course I would have to have my friend and co-admin Alex because she's pretty familiar with the whole fighting monsters concept from reading PJO so much. And I'd like to have Percy, cuz he's awesome, or Thalia because she is also.
13. Any Greek Mythical creature you want to meet? Why? Not particularly.... maybe a nymph or one of those river girls.
14. Is there any language you want to learn? Well.. I'm taking German next year, but I'd like to learn French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Latin. Sooooo yeah....
15. What is your favorite show? Used to be WWOP, until it ended >:(. IDK... American Idol, I guess
16. What is your favorite movie? Umm don't even go there. I'll give you a VERY long list.
17. Favorite Song? Anything by Taylor Swift <13
18. Any hobbies you like to do? Read.... yeah that's it. And draw stuff. And blog.
19. Do you play any sports? hahahahahahah you crack me up. NO WAY!
20, Confess one thing. I'm secretly a ninja that hates digital fruit.


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