Apr 25, 2013

Twitter Q&A Discussion

Warning! May contain Last Olympian spoilers!

 Hey hey hey! Uncle Rick did a spontaneous Twitter Q&A session a few weeks ago. If you're interested in reading it, the full transcript can be found here. Once you read that, come back here and we'll talk. :) (Well, actually, I'll type, and you can read and comment.)

 First, we can tell from a lot of Rick's answers that he's pretty good with deadlines. We're always screaming at him to write faster, but he actually writes fairly fast for an author. A book a year is pretty impressive, or at least I think it is.

 Another thing: HE LOVES TO TROLL! Seriously.
RT: @coleenmikaelson Would you give some teasers/spoilers for HOO? :) / No! (cackles maniacally) 
RT: @ThatQurlCris Do you get writers' block? /Not usually but.... ah, dang it. I was going to say something. Oh well.
 EVILLLLL! Plus, he's sassy. I don't care how much he insists that he's "cantankerous", but he's not. He's just plain sassy. Or maybe he would prefer that I call it sarcasm. Eh, whatever. It's sassiness to me... It's not like he's going to read this or anything.

 We also learned some things about House of Hades. More Nico, some Grover, no Reyna Beauregard (lol that would be crazy), no cliffhanger worse than MoA.

 SO, yeah. I'm kinda lazy today, and there really isn't too much to say or analyze about this... Bye!

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