Sep 3, 2012

Hercules and Arachne art confirmed!

 Guess what? Hercules and Arachne are officially official!

This is our character art for Hercules. His Greek name is Heracles, but most know him by his Roman name, Hercules. He's a minor god, but he doesn't take the word "minor" very well. Um, and, don't mention that Disney movie of him. You see that baseball bat (club, baseball bat, whatevs) in his hand? He likes to use it. But the real question is...
Hercules: Friend or Enemy?
*dun dun dun*
Next up is Arachne!!! So, the myths I've read say that she made beautiful woven fabrics. Everyone said, "Wow, you must have been taught by the goddess of Athena herself!", and Arachne denied it. She even said she was better than Athena. Then an old lady told her not to pretend she was one of the gods. Arachne said, "Well, then Athena can challenge me herself." The lady transformed into Athena and accepted the challenge. They both began to weave, and both of their tapestries we wonderful. Athena worked more quickly and with more skill. Athena didn't appreciate Arachne's attitude ("Eh, mine is better obviously."), so she slapped her across the face and turned her into a spider, cursing her to spin forever.

SO, we'll meet Arachne in MoA. RR says that she's one of his favorite villains. We'll have to see what happens!! :D

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