Jan 6, 2012

Things Wrong with the Percy Jackson Movie

Warning! May contain Lightning Thief spoilers!
  1. Character age difference. Waaaay off!
  2. No Clairese, Dionysus, Ares, Chimera, Fates, or Argus.
  3. The Hydra and Persephone weren't in the first book.
  4. Replaced St. Louis scene with Nashville scene.
  5. Annabeth's hair! She's a blond, for goodness sake!
  6. Grover's personality and appearance. He should have been a shy, sincere satyr with curly hair and a slight limp.
  7. Percy's eyes. They should've been green.
  8. the Underworld's location. It sure wasn't in the Hollywood Sign!
  9. the Lotus Casino was supposed to be like an arcade, not like a bar!
  10. The pearls weren't even important in the book, they were just from a random underwater lady. In the movie they were the main plot.
  11. Chiron wasn't supposed to know who Percy's dad was until he was claimed.
  12. The Lotus Casino didn't have any stupid flowers! Who would eat a flower anyway?
  13. Luke didn't seem evil until the end in the book, but in the movie Luke was evil from the start.
  14. They left out the part where Luke tried to kill Percy with the scorpion!!!!!
  15. Left out blue food.
  16. Didn't mention Thalia's tree.
  17. Kronos wasn't even MENTIONED. He's the whole reason for the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Left out Tunnel of Love and Restaurant scenes.
  19. Left out animal truck scene.
  20. Percy was supposed to uncap Riptide, not click it!
  21. Mrs. Dodds was supposed to be a Pre-Algebra teacher, not an English teacher.
  22. There were NO mentions of Percy in a pool AT ALL in the book.
  23. Hades wasn't supposed to be a McJagger impersonator. I guess he was listening to Ke$ha ("And we kick 'em to the curb unless they look like McJagger")
  24. Grover wasn't supposed to stay behind in the Underworld. Percy's mom was.
  25. Percy should have used a gazing ball to look at Medusa, not an iPod, because...
  27. Annabeth and Percy were supposed to be on the same Capture the Flag team.
  28. Annabeth was supposed to show Percy around camp.
  29. They never mentioned the Big Three rule.
  30. They said that gods aren't allowed to talk to their children. That's not true... they're just not really advised to interfere with the quests.
I'm sure there are many, many more things to add. Add them in the comments!!


  1. Hey Asha. In number 5 it's true that Annabeth has blonde hair but its also curly (not trying to be picky). They say it in The Last Olympian (book 5) on page 46 in the middle of the last paragraph. ;) I know it's not Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief but still... :)

  2. Oh and how does Luke seem evil from the begining in the movie? I don't think so but thats just my opion... btw I posted the first comment. So yeah....

  3. there is so much more. luke's scar is missing, there is no mention whatsoever about annabeth's past with luke, thalia (who isnt mentioned in general) and her father other than lukes comment about "Daddy issues". i agree that annabeth's hair is curly, but we find that out in the lightening thief as well, not just in the last olympian (just saying). also, there are no real buildings, such as the cabins (they's tents...) or the big house or the arena or the chariot racetrack. the camp is supposed to be very orderly with everything in it's place, spread out over an open valley with a strawberry field on Long Island Sound. forget not mentioning thalia's tree (although i was heartbroken by it) they messed up A HILL. A HILL!!! how do u do that? it must take serious skill. i never knew it was that hard to find a nice little roadside hill with a tree near the top, but i guess it is. at least they had a barrier, but if they ever come out with another movie, i just wonder what they'll do without thalia's tree to put the golden fleace in, or a clairesse to assist them. i'm very disappointed indeed...

  4. I'm disappointed. they are supposed to be 12, not 17! luke was supposed to be awesome, but the move made him look like an ass hole


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