Dec 6, 2012

Winter Fun

 Hey guys!

 Before I start, I must explain myself. I'd just like to say that I don't post on here unless:
  1. I have a random thought/realization/epiphany,
  2. something important happens (a new book comes out, Rick Riordan hints at something in a future book, etc),
  3. I get a comment that catches my eye,
  4. something important is announced (release date, tour dates, etc), or
  5. I do personally something related to PJO/HoO/TKC.

 That would explain my lack of posts... but I'm back now! I did something that would fall into the category of #5.

 Here in my lovely home of the northern (but not too far north) United States, about a week or two ago, we got an few inches of snow. It wasn't really much to brag about, but snow is snow, right?

 Naturally, I wanted to go out and do something with it: make a fort, build a snowman, throw some snowballs, but, as I said, we didn't quite have enough snow to do that. Instead, I decided to write something, once with my finger, and once with my boot-prints. :)



  1. Replies
    1. PJO= Percy Jackson and the Olympians
      HoO= The Heroes of Olympus
      TKC= The Kane Chronicles


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